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Neuton-Power Batteries

Neuton-Power Batteries

Replacement batteries at the right price - all models and makes.

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Panasonic Sealed VRLA

LC-R0612P  6v / 12ah
LC-R0612P1  6v / 12ah
LC-R121R3P 12v / 1.3ah
LC-R122R2P 12v / 2.2ah
LC-S122R9PU 12v / 2.9ah
LC-R123R4P 12v / 3.4ah
LC-R127R2P 12v / 7.2ah
LC-R127R2P1 12v / 7.2ah
LC-RA1212P1 12v / 12ah
LC-RD1217P h 12v / 17a
LC-X1228/P 12v / 28ah
LC-R1233P 12v / 33ah
LC-X1242/P 12v / 42ah
LC-X1265P 12v / 65ah
LC-XA12100P 12v / 100ah

CSB GP Series

GP645 6V 4.5AH
GP672 6V 7.ZAH
GP6120 6V 12AH
GP1222 12V 2.2AH
GP1245 12V 4.5AH
GP1272 12V 7.2AH
GP12120 12V 12AH
GP12170b 12V 17AH
GP12260 12V 26AH
GP12340 12V 34AH
GP12400 12V 40AH
GP12650 12V 50AH
GP121000 12V 100AH

CSB EVX Series

EVX1272 12V 7.2AH
EVX120 12V 12AH
EVX170 12V 17AH
EVX260 12V 26AH
EVX340 12V 34AH
EVX400 12V 40AH
EVX650 12V 65AH
EVX1000 12V 104AH

CSB HR Series

HR1221 12V 21W
HR1234 12V 34W
HR12120 12V 120W

CSB HC Series

HC1229 12V 21 AH
HC1228W 12V 28W

Vision CP Series

CP612 6V 1.2AH
CP625 6V 2.5AH
CP632 6V 3.2AH

CSB GP Series

CP645 6V 4.5AH
CP670 6V 7AH
CP6120 6V 12AH
CP1212 12V 1.2AH
CP1223 12V 2.3AH
CP1232 12V 3.2AH
CP1245 12V 4.5AH
CP1270 12V 7AH
CP12120 12V 12AH
CP12170 12V 17AH
CP12250 12V 25AH
CP12380 12V 38AH
CP12650 12V 65AH
CP121000 12V 100AH
CP121200 12V 120AH
CP121500 12V 150AH
CP122000 12V 200AH

Vision FM Series 10 Year DES.Life

6FM33 12V 33AH
6FM40 12V 40AH
6FM55 12V 55AH
6FM60 12V 60AH
6FM65 12V 65AH
6FM80 12V 80AH
6FM100 12V 100AH
6FM120 12V 120AH
6FM150 12V 150AH
6FM200 12V 200AH


CG12100 Vision Gel Battery

Fullriver Batteries

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