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High Temperature UPS Units

CFRTU6100 Alpha High Temperature CFRTU6100
The CFRTU6 is a heavy duty temperature UPS designed to meet and exceed the safety standards by established by UL, CSA, CE and VDE.
Alpha High Temparature BP-DU DC UPS Alpha BP-DU DC UPS
The BP-DU is a high temperature DC UPS with PCB coating and high overload capacity for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Alpha TU400 1kVA-3kVA UPS Alpha TU 400 UPS
The TU400 is a line-interactive UPS ideal for various outdoor applications due to high operating range and rugged design.
Alpha high Temparature FXM 350 Alpha FXM 350
The Alpha FXM 350 features selectable output voltages, USB communication and connectivity and powerful firmware for enhanced remote monitoring.
Alpha High Temparature Micro 350 UPS Alpha Micro 350
The Alpha Micro 350 provides constant power-back-up power for access control, security, public utility and telecommunications applications
Alpha Novus FXM Ups Series Alpha Novus FXM Ups Series
The Novus FXM UPS Series provides back up power for ranging applications including computers, telecommunications, traffic, manufacturing and security.
Alpha High Temparature HTU UPS Alpha HTU UPS
The HTU UPS is a durable, high efficiency UPS with high overload capacity and high operating temperature making it ideal for outdoor applications.
Alpha Novus Micro Secure Alpha Novus Micro Secure
The Novus Micro Secure UPS supplies back-up power to security cameras, surveillance systems, small key systems, wi-fi equipment and lighting equipment.
Alpha Novus Micro High temparature UPS Alpha Novus Micro
The Novus Micro outdoor UPS system provide reliable back-up power for access control, security, public entry and telecommunications applications.

The UA-HT, with it durable design, is a high temperature, true-online UPS designed for high performance applications.