Petech Offers the following services:

Battery Replacement and Removal
After replacement we remove old batteries free of charge.
Note, that there is a $250,000.00 fine for business and $50,000.00 for individuals for wrongful disposal of old batteries

Conformal Coating
Harsh environments damaging UPS Units are a problem of the past. Our protective conformal coating will protect against almost anything. One of the three types available is to Military Standard.

It doesn't matter - acid, fumes, salt or coal dust - Your problems are over.

This will be embraced by the many industries including mining, marine, sewage and the countless other industries that deal with harsh environments on a daily basis.

It can be applied to new and existing units.

Emergency Lighting
Our Centralised Emergency Lighting uses a bank of batteries and an inverter as back-up power instead of individual batteries in every light.

Loan Units
We have loan units available for problem scenarios.

Full Diagnostic and Load Testing Mobile Services

And we remove old batteries free of charge.

Pre Sales Load Testing
We will come to your business to perform Load testing in order to best advise you.

Contact Us for your Solar Needs

We sell, service and install all brands of UPS systems and products
up to 1,000Kva.

To arrange a service of your Uninterruptible Power Supply unit contact us, all makes and models.

Petech's service division services APC, Liehbert, Soccomec, Powerware, MGE, PowerComm, Nikko, Opti, Ablerex, Gamatronic, Chloride and more.