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Upsonic ATS Automatic Transfer Switch

ATS Automatic Transfer Switch

Automatic Transfer Switch allows for maintenance of your UPS management systems while not losing power to your UPS protected equipment. Avoids costly downtime.
Available in a wide range. 

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Alpha Power Static Switches

Alpha M-switch STS The Alpha M-switch STS
The M-switch provides rapid switching between two independent single phase power supply sources.
Alpha E-switch STS The Alpha E-switch STS
The E-switch static transfer switches are available in single-phase double-pole versions rated at 16A and 50A
Transfer Switches Alpha Transfer Switches
The Manual/Auto Transfer Switch (MATS) acts as a fail-safe device by switching the critical load to the mains supply in case of faulty UPS output.
Alpha STS-3 Alpha STS-3
The STS-3 is a solid-state 3-Phase 4-pole switch which connects critical loads to 1 of 2 separate power sources.