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Surge Diverters & Lightning Protectors

Petech supply a range of surge diverters & lightning protection for industry, small business, domestic or rural applications.

TVSS - Surge Guard

Surge Protection Devices for:

  • Home Appliances
  • TV, Hi Fi, VCR, Fridge,
  • Washing Machines
  • Medium IT Computer Rooms
  • Small Commercial Appliances
  • Alarm Systems

Upsonic Surge Diverters, Surge Filters & Surge Guard SG8 AV
Upsonic Surge Diverters Surge Diverters
All surge diverters with initial product code SD employ metal oxide varistor (MOV) voltage limiting components. These can be used for main switchboard primary protection, distribution board and final circuit protection.
Upsonic Surge Filters Surge Filters
The range of surge filters is extensive: from 2A DIN rail mount units designed to protect sensitive PLCs and process equipment; plug in units for final circuit outlets; to 2000A per phase filters designed to protect major data centres.
Surge Guard SG8 AV

Surge Guard SG8 AV
Protects Audio Visual and Home Theatre Components against Power Surges, Spikes and Lightning Strikes.
SG 8 AV 8 Outlet Power Board, 3 outlets standby power, 5 outlets with power off function, EMI/RFI Noise Filter, Phone / Fax / Modem Line Protection. The Surge Guard SG8 AV offers 3672 Joules of protection. View pdf