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How the system works

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my Energy system is a versatile battery back up that allows you to have control of your power usage. The inverter will convert electricity stored in batteries or solar to operate your normal appliances in your home.

This technology allows your electricity supply to be at a constant 240V whether using power stored in the batteries or other renewables resulting in power savings.

With power bills on the increase the advantage is to utilise the power stored when the tariff rates are at the highest then recharge your  batteries using the lowest tariff rate or other renewables.

Let the fully programmable smart inverter do all this automatically saving you money on your power bills.

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Thytec My Energy System

Thtec My Energy System to Batteries

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The On Grid system is a unique battery back-up system that lets you take control of your power usage.

  • Minimise your electricity usage from the Grid
  • Instantly activate battery power when it's needed
  • Puts power back into the Grid
  • Never be exposed to short term blackouts

It is a free standing unit that contains batteries inside making for a quick installation.


my Energy system

The Off Grid system has the same features, but is not able to put power back into the grid.

The main benefit is the flexibility to be able to add more batteries depending on the load capacity or the time required to run as a standalone unit.

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